We know the importance of our counselors! The NWDP is an additional resource to counselors, academic advisors and educators as you look to provide superior guidance and support to your students. Here, you will find general information regarding the various NWDP programs and other Howard University pipeline programs. In addition,  we assist with information regarding college fairs, internship opportunities, professional school resources and much more. 

Our goal is to support you as you support your students in their quest of entering into the healthcare and STEM profession.  Please visit the counselor resource page occasionally for the most up to date resources.......

High School Counselors-

TIP # 1 - Students should start attending college fairs during the 9th grade year. College fairs are often the best resource for learning about other opportunities catered to your students' particular grade and age range such as the NWDP summer JUMP program.

Check out the following upcoming college fairs and open house information..........

  1.  https://www.nacacfairs.org/attend/stem-college-and-career-fairs/
  2. https://www.nacacfairs.org/attend/national-college-fairs/
  3. http://www.alfredstreet.org/ministries/outreach-and-missions/hbcu-festival/
  4. http://www.hbcu-cfnj.com/hbcu-school-search

For frequently asked questions about the high school NWDP programs, see most common FAQ's below.

College Academic Advisors-

TIP #1 - There is an increase in college fairs catering to students pursuing professional school. Encourage your students to attend a college fair to learn more information about a prospective career choice.

Check out the following upcoming professional school fairs and open house information........

  1. https://www.aps.org/meetings/events/futurephysics/marchgradfair.cfm
  2. https://www.training.nih.gov/gp_fair
  3. http://www.sfn.org/careers-and-training/faculty-and-curriculum-tools/graduate-school-fair


For frequently asked questions about the college NWDP programs, see the most common FAQ's below.

What is the fee to participant in this program?

This program is FREE to participant therefore the application process is very competitive.

How many students are allowed in the program?

Our HOP/SCIP/JUMP programs accepts a total of 40 students, 20 rising 9th graders and 20 rising 10th graders.

Do students receive credit for the courses taken?

No, the courses are designed for exposure purposes.

How long is the program?

Our JUMP program runs over 2 weeks in the summer. The HOP/SCIP program is a 16 week program during the academic year.

Will participating in this program guarantee acceptance into a program at Howard University?

The NWDP staff at Howard University is willing to assist any participant of our programs with admission. Assistance does not guarantee acceptance however it will assist you with needed information for acceptance.

Could a representative from your organization visit our school?

Absolutely! Please contact the Program Manager, Tawanna Terry about the high school schedule for the academic year.

Are there any special events being held about Howard University’s pipeline programs?

Please see our events page which has a list of events and visits planned for the upcoming academic year.

I have students that performed great in Math and Science and have potential, could this student still be considered?

We encourage all students to apply. The program is competitive and acceptance includes interviewing the students along with recommendation letters. We encourage students to still apply even if they do not meet the GPA requirement.