What is the fee to participant in this program?

This program is FREE to participants therefore the application process is very competitive.

Is transportation provided?

Yes, we will provide smart-trip cards for students interested in using public transportation.

How long is the program?

The HOP program is a 16 week program, meeting twice per month. This program runs concurrently with our SCIP program.

I am a 10th grader but would like to participate in HOP, is this possible?

The HOP program is designed for 9th grade students with the intent of exposure specifically to healthcare careers. Our SCIP program is designed for our 10 graders. Our hope is that you would have joined our pipeline as a rising 9th grader which would allow exposure to each program. If you are joining us as a 10th grader and have an interest in healthcare, we partner with the Center of Excellence which has a healthcare program for rising 11th graders during the summer. Participating in the NWDP programs will allow you more knowledge and access to other pipeline programs at Howard University. Please go to the "Programs" tab for more information about Howard University other pipeline programs.

Will participating in this program guarantee acceptance into a program at Howard University?

The NWDP staff at Howard University is willing to assist any participant of our programs with admission. Assistance does not guarantee acceptance however it will assist you with needed information for acceptance.

I work part-time during the summer and may need to miss a class or two, is this allowed?

No, this is not allowed. If exceptions are needed, this should be discusses with the NWDP program manager.

I am still undecided on my career path, can I still apply for the program?

Yes. The program is designed to expose you to various careers in STEM. This would be a great opportunity to get to learn more about different possibilities.

Will I earn credits for participating in this program?

No. This program is for exposure purposes, however, the information learned in the program can benefit you as you progress in school.

Is there a possibility of earning any community service hours?

Yes, we will allow you to earn community service hours for participating in our program.

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