The National Workforce Diversity Pipeline Program faculty members are highly diverse and strongly committed to providing excellent service to all students here at Howard University and beyond. They are mission driven, action-oriented, and  dedicated to assisting students as they transition into becoming STEM and healthcare professionals. As dedicated professionals to the field, they serve the students and community, remain current in the field through research, and are leaders throughout the institution and beyond.

Our faculty members are passionate about the NWDP's vision of building pathways in developing a diverse STEM and healthcare workforce.  


Meet the Program Faculty

Mary K. Maneno Ph.D

Mary Maneno received her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at Howard University in 2004 and proceeded to pursue a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences with an emphasis in pharmacoepidemiology, and health services research at Howard University. To expand her research experience in health services research and to continue her passion for teaching she took up a post-doctoral fellow position at the Center for Minority Health Services Research (CMHSR) in the college of pharmacy.... READ MORE

Earl Ettienne LPD, MBA, RPh

Dr. Ettienne is a licensed pharmacist, pharmacy and healthcare executive, researcher and educator. He holds a degree in Pharmacy from Howard University College of Pharmacy, a Residency Certificate in Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy from The Mt. Sinai Medical Center, New York, a Master’s in Business Administration from Loyola University, Maryland and a Doctorate in Law and Policy from Northeastern University, Boston where his doctoral work included using econometric analysis to make policy decisions at the country level.

Dr. Beverly Mims

Dr. Mims has a long history of enthusiastic engagement in the pharmacy profession and Howard University. Excellence and commitment to teaching and service are evidenced by receipt of a number of teaching awards and commendations for professional and public service. She has used faculty development opportunities to gain additional skills in health law, Biomedical ethics and instructional design with recent emphasis on performance evaluation in clinical practice. Dr. Mims is well-suited to mentor faculty, both in teaching and in public service leadership.