The National Workforce Diversity Pipeline Program staff members are committed to providing excellent service to all students, faculty and other staff members here at Howard University and beyond. We are committed to helping you cross the bridge to becoming a STEM professional. Our staff is dedicated to helping program participants as they transition along the pipeline to entering the STEM workforce. From assisting with the college admission process to identifying a mentor, our team is always ready and willing to assist.

The NWDP staff provides the highest level of student support services and care to students as they grow through each level of our pipeline. Our staff is passionate about the NWDP's vision of building pathways in developing a diverse STEM and healthcare workforce. 



Staff Listing

Tawanna L. Terry, M.A.

Tawanna L. Terry is the Program Manager for the National Workforce Diversity Pipeline Program at Howard University.  As a Howard University alum, she is dedicated and enthusiastic about assisting Howard University’s College of Pharmacy in its mission to diversify the workforce with well trained healthcare and STEM professionals. She has a true passion for the advancement of minorities in higher education.


Lawander Mcfarland

LaWander T. McFarland is the Program Coordinator for the National Workforce Diversity Pipeline Program. Her work in higher education began in September 2006. Since 2006, she has been dedicated and committed to assisting programs in advancing students' success. In her role as Program Coordinator, LaWander works directly with all students often being a listening ear and guide when needed. LaWander is committed to the work and mission of the NWDP program which shows through her hard work and dedication.