Photo of Emmanuel O. Akala, R.Ph., Ph.D

Emmanuel O. Akala, R.Ph., Ph.D

Dr. Akala is  Professor of Pharmaceutics, Chair, Howard University Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee d Development (IACUC) and Director, Laboratory for Nanomedicine, Drug Delivery, and Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical Drug Products Design and Development. 

Dr. Emmanuel O. Akala received his B. Pharm. and M.Sc.(Pharmaceutics) from The University of Ife (now OAU)  Nigeria and  Ph.D. (Pharmaceutics) from The University of Manchester, England. He was a DAAD Research Scientist in Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology at The University of Munster, Germany, NIH-Fogarty International Fellow in Pharmaceutics and Bioengineering at The University of Utah (USA). He is a registered and immunization Pharmacist in Utah, Maryland and Washington DC.  Dr. Akala’s research interest is in novel and conventional drug products’ design and development. Current research efforts focus on Nanotechnological Platforms for the Delivery of Bioactive (Drugs) and Diagnostic Agents.

Current NIH/ NCI and NIH/NIAID Fundings:

  1. NIH/NCI (Akala (PI): Novel Nanotechnology Platform for Breast Cancer Treatment ($1,132,500:00).
  2. NIH/NIAID (Akala(PI): The District of Columbia Center for AIDS Research : Targeting Drug (ARV)Loaded Multifunctional Nanoparticles to M Cells Overlaying GALT (HIV-1Reservoir). $600,000:00.

Dr. Akala holds three patents:

  1. WO9801421 (1998)
  2. US 2012/0129798
  3. US 2012/0129797 A1

Dr. Akala has numerous research publications in peer reviewed journals and several conference proceedings and abstracts.
Dr. Akala received the 2013 Howard University College of Pharmacy Alumni Distinguished Faculty Award; the 2013 Top Reviewer Award in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the 2013 Top Reviewer Award in the Journal of Nanomedicine and the  2014 AACR Minority-Serving Institution Faculty Scholar in Cancer Research Award. Dr. Akala has been serving as a member of the Advisory Group of the Center for Pharmaceutical Advancement and Training of the United States Pharmacopeia (Appointed by Dr. Roger L. Williams (CEO of USP & Chair) since 2013. He was appointed, in 2015,  a member of  the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) Expert Committee (the General Chapters-Dosage Forms USP’s Expert Committee).  USP Expert Committees are responsible for developing and revising USP standards that comprise its compendia: the USP and the NF, USP Compounding Compendium, Herbal Medicines Compendium, Dietary Supplements Compendium, and Food Chemicals Codex.