Photo of La’Marcus Wingate PharmD, Ph.D.

La’Marcus Wingate PharmD, Ph.D.

Dr. Wingate is an assistant professor in the Department of Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy Sciences. He received his PharmD and Ph.D. in Health Outcomes and Policy Research from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, Tennessee.  
Dr. Wingate is a co-investigator for the Howard University National Workforce Diversity Program funded by the Office of Minority Health. This is a program designed to develop and implement strategies to increase the number of underrepresented minorities entering into the science, technology, and engineering related fields.
Dr. Wingate research interests are in patient reported health outcomes and economic evaluations of public health programs, with an emphasis on those that focus on infectious disease.  More specifically, Dr. Wingate has focused on programs focused on the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis in populations immigrating to the U.S. He also has research interests in increasing the utilization of vaccines such as the Herpes Zoster Vaccine within the Minority Community.