Photo of Tawanna L. Terry, M.A.

Tawanna L. Terry, M.A.

Tawanna L. Terry is the Program Manager for the National Workforce Diversity Pipeline Program at Howard University.  As a Howard University alum, she is dedicated and enthusiastic about assisting Howard University’s College of Pharmacy in its mission to diversify the workforce with well trained healthcare and STEM professionals. She has a true passion for the advancement of minorities in higher education.

Tawanna has over 10 years of experience working in higher education.  Her journey with Howard University began as an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelors of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree in Marketing at the School of Business. She also holds a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in Communication from Trinity Washington University.

After obtaining her master's degree from Trinity Washington University, she decided to work at Trinity and assist with the university’s mission of advancing equity, justice and honor in education. She joined Trinity as an Assistant Director in the office of Admissions.

While working in Admissions, she played a vital role in assisting with increasing enrollment in the traditional women’s college. As a result of her dedication and determination in sharing Trinity’s mission, she advanced to the position of Senior Associate Director of the College of Arts and Sciences in Admissions.  As the Senior Associate Director, she assisted with managing the College of Arts and Sciences team as well as directing the high school dual enrollment program. In 2013, Tawanna made a transition into academic advising where she worked closer with students at all phases of their academic career.

After leaving Trinity, she decided to continue her personal mission of assisting underrepresented students with Howard University. In 2016, she joined the team in the College of Pharmacy where she plans to continue to be an advocate in helping students that are under-represented enter and graduate from college.